Welcome on Robert Bosco's site



Robert left us on October 20 2008. No doubt he will continue to turn under other skies these famous balls that both fascinated. He can now exchange with the biggest woodturners who have praticed the woodworking ornamental art which he has given so bright an overview on this site. He remains a Great woodturner and "Grand Monsieur' whose humility, kindness and sincerity were matched by his talent.


          Welcome on Robert Bosco’s site ; I have been a self-taught amateur turner since 1993, and am interested in all forms of wood turnery, from the classic turning of pieces made of a single variety of wood to the turning of green wood in order to shape bowls and vases with rustic edges preserving the bark, with holes, cracks and fissures.

          Objects in which different varieties are glued together, although more difficult to produce, are interesting for this makes it possible to join native varieties with darker and more vividly coloured exotic varieties such as ebony (black), padauk (red), king-wood (purple) and many more... so as to emphasize the lines of the object.

           I am also fond of eccentric or non axial pieces of turning to produce peculiar shapes.

          Finally, for several years, I have been passionately interested in the work of François Barreau, a famous 18th century turner. This work is described by Hammelin Bergeron in his book "Le Manuel du Tourneur" ( The turner’s handbook) published in 1816. I draw my inspiration from it in order to reproduce decorative pieces in geometric forms such as 'star-shaped polyhedrons', 'clamped balls', 'Chinese balls' as well as 'tremblers'............ made of box-wood . This type of work is very interesting, as, before making the piece, it is necessary both to draw very accurate plans and to produce the set of tools necessary for the work.


My thanks to Maurice LENFANT for his translation.